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Nowadays, the bathroom has become a place for you to relax other than the bedroom. People would like to spend more thought on bathroom decoration. A good looking, suitable basin is the key to a stylish bathroom. Here are a few steps suggested for you to choose the right basin.

Step No.1:-

To decide what size of basin you need. There are many sizes of basins in the market, all the thing you need to do first is to decide what size of basin is suitable in your bathroom. It means that you need to choose a basin which is just right, and won’t be unnatural once placed in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, a wall-hung basin is suggested.

There is a kind of basin with vanity which is wall-hung, with one or two drawers. You can store something in it. And if you want to save more space, a wall-hung basin only or even wash-plane basin is suggested.

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Step No.2:-

To decide what style of the basin. The style of the basin includes color and shape . The basin style is suggested to be roughly the same as other equipment----bathtub, toilet and so on. So that your bathroom may look integrated.

Step No.:-3

To choose the material of the basin. There are several types of material for you to choose from.


It has a nice look but as we know, glass is fragile. If your basin is supposed to be used by children, a glass basin is not so suggested then.


It is extremely durable and natural. On the other hand, stone basins are a symbol of luxury, since the price is much higher than any other materials. By the way, the stone basin is very heavy. Make sure that your vanity or countertop is strong enough for it.

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It mainly is the stainless steel basin. Stainless steel basins are durable, easy-to-clean and safe. But it doesn't look that high end so that it is usually used in commercial places.


It is widely used for basins. It is durable second to stone. It is easy to clean and resistant to detergent. Yet, the price of ceramic basins is rational.

Polymarble imitation ceramic basin

Once you have decided to buy a basin with vanity, there is one more factor you need to consider about is; 


Top Mounting: 

The whole basin is visible, so that it is easy to clean. It saves more space of the vanity below for you to store your stuff. But you have to consider if the height of the basin to the floor is reasonable. Make sure that it won’t be too high and bring convenience.

Under Mounting: 

The basin is hidden in the vanity. You can easily swipe the water on the countertop into the basin. To choose this way of mounting, you need a strong countertop first, such as polymarble .

Semi-Recessed Mounting:

As the name indicates, the basin is settled a half above the vanity top, and a half is under the vanity top. It saves more space than under mounting. That makes it easier for children to reach the basin tap.

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