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1500*750*1550mm Acrylic Bathhub Liner

1500*750*1550mm Acrylic Bathhub Liner

Size:1500 Length x 750 Width x 1550 HeightDescription: *ACrylic Material Bathtub Liner*Brand Ne..
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40mm Solid Brass Pop Up Bath Waste 40mm Solid Brass Pop Up Bath Waste

40mm Solid Brass Pop Up Bath Waste

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Complete your bathroom with this premium basin pop up waste today! This solid brass basin pop up w..
$45.00 $35.00
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NZHomeware provides you high quality bathtub parts which fits your bathtub well.

Understanding the bathtub parts is a good practice for every homeowner, especially in the event of something going wrong. There are many bathtub parts that allows it to function correctly.

Bathtubs ---- The bathtub serves as a container for storing water when bathing.

Water supply system --- The water supply system ensures that water fills your bathtub whenever needed. It does this by supplying water to your taps and showerhead peripherals.

Shower --- Your shower is directly attached to your water supply, and turning the showerhead would almost always have the water running out immediately.

Diverter --- A diverter is often used to make cold and warm water come from the same mixer tap.

Drain / pop up waste ---- Bathroom drains are water outlets that let water out after youre done having a bath.

Trap --- Its job is to keep water trapped so that waste products from outside do not get into your home.

Wall liner --- The wall liner is the area of the wall on which the tub is secured. Water leaking from the tub into the lining could cause problems, which, if left untreated, will deteriorate with time.