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If your kitchen is getting renovated you must be very curious about the interior design of that. You can easily select the design, paint and location(of every appliance) of your kitchen but most of the time people forget to buy the latest designed and best quality taps for their kitchen. But you will be surprised that there is a huge variety of kitchen taps available in the market. You can choose your taps from an array of styles of contemporary and traditional  taps that are available with the finish of chrome & black. Which can ultimately enhance the beauty of your kitchen. 

Availability of a wide range of kitchen taps is good but it will make it difficult for you to make the decision. So if you are thinking of buying new kitchen taps but unable to decide on your own and seeking help from an expert then this help guide is for you. So let’s start.

How to Select the Bathroom Taps:

Firstly you should have a decision in your mind that either you want to buy the latest designed or traditional tap for your kitchen. You can get various types of taps in both modern and regular designs that can match your decor. For a designer & stylish kitchen you can select from contemporary taps but if you are selecting for your farmhouse kitchen then traditional  taps will be the best for you. 

Contemporary Taps: This type of taps contains a lot of features and is made for those who are very busy & want to save time on everytask. Nowadays, Spray Tap is one of the famous taps. You can easily pull out the spray and wash the pan & pots easily. With the help of this tap you can rinse your vegetables and fruits properly. You can even get kitchen mixer taps. These kitchen mixer taps can provide you hot water to make coffee or tea. There are some taps that can filter water for you. 

Taps with swivel spouts can be moved easily and you can easily access them to the sink.

To enhance the decor of your kitchen you can get a variety of finishes. Chrome finish is the most popular option. But the craze of the matt finish is increasing day by day and getting primary choice for many interior designers and homeowners. 

Traditional Kitchen Taps:

This type of kitchen tap comes with a vintage look and some fantastic features. And these traditional looks make them the first choice of many people. You can get various traditional designs and select them as per your interior design. 

Now Let's Understand the Water Pressure System

You need to understand the water pressure system of your home. After that you will be able to select the suitable tap. You should not buy a tap just because it is looking nice to you and it is not going to deliver the performance as per your expectations. The water system of your home will dictate the type of your kitchen tap.

In case, if you choose a high pressure tap but your water system has low pressure then you will get the low water flow from your tap. You need to choose a tap that is intended to work with the low water pressure and provide you with a steady water flow.

High water pressure system can work with any tap, So you have a wide range of taps to choose from.

Low pressure systems: 

This water system is also known as gravity fed system. It contains a cold-water tank in the roofspace and a hot water cylinder elsewhere. For this system you need to choose a low pressure tap.

High pressure vented system: 

It means you have a combination boiler in your home and mostly it is mounted on the wall of the kitchen. It does not need any extra water storage tank. It gets water from the main supply of cold water and heated the water instantly & then supplies around the home. You can select any tap if you got the same water system in your home. 

High pressure unvented system:

This type of water system contains a water tank for hot water but doesn't have any cold water storage. The cold water comes from the main supply to the hot water tank and then heated up by the immersion heaters(usually attached to the side of the tank). Usually central heating boilers are placed in an airing cupboard. Almost every kitchen tap can be used with this water system.

Types of Kitchen Sink Taps:

There are 3 types of kitchen sink taps: 

  • Monobloc taps

  • Pillar taps

  • Deck mixer taps 

1. Monobloc Taps: This type of tap contains a single lever handle or two handles. This single lever handle is used to control the flow and temperature of the water & this feature makes it easy to use. You can get a range of styles in monobloc taps that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Provides a stylish and modern look.
Very Easy to use
You can get a wide range of styles to choose from.

2. Pillar Taps: You will get a pair of taps in this type. One of them will manage the hot water and the other will control the cold water. This type of tap is affordable , easy to install and available in various styles & designs.

Very easy to install
Available on limited budget
A huge variety to choose from

3. Deck Mixer Kitchen Taps: It is made by the use of two tap holes but contains a single spout. Most deck mixer taps come with a swivel spout and you can take it out easily to wash the pots & pans etc.

Very comfortable and practical
Available in both Traditional and Vintage Designs 

Summary: So before buying a tap, firstly understand the water system of your home. Then determine either you want to buy a traditional or vintage design of taps.
Hope, you get enough knowledge about the kitchen taps. If you are still confused then you can visit our store.

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