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Shower Waste Easy Clean Shower Drain Shower Waste Easy Clean Shower Drain

Shower Waste Easy Clean Shower Drain

The Easy Clean Waste System is designed to fit standard acrylic tray types. The chrome plated cap ca..
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NZHomeware provides you shower parts which you may need.

The 6 Most Common Shower Parts

1. Shower Head

The shower head is one of the shower parts that we connect to the water pipes by using a hose usually made of steel. It is one of the most visible parts of a shower, and it is easy to replace in case it breaks.

2. Hot and Cold Water Pipes

The hot and cold water pipes are part of the shower water supply. It is through them that water finally reaches the shower head. The pipes can be made of several types of materials, but if your home is older, they are most likely made of galvanized steel.

3. Shower Valve

The shower valve is that part of shower plumbing that you use to control the flow of the water coming from the shower head. Moreover, you can set the temperature of the water by adjusting the shower valve.

4. Shower Cartridge

The shower cartridge is that part of the shower plumbing system that controls temperature/volume and moves back and forth whenever you pull the shower handle. It works to open the cold and hot water inlets.

5. Shower Strainer

The shower strainer is the first part of the shower drain plumbing system. It is that drain cover that you find on your shower floor. It is usually there to stop waste from going down the drain and clogging it. Most of them are made of steel or aluminum, and you can find them in different designs and finishes.

6. Shower Pan

One of the most basic shower plumbing parts is the shower pan. This is the part below the shower base we stand on whenever we take a shower. You have to be careful for the shower pan not to leak.