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Getting your bathroom renovated? Want to install the latest and stylish bathroom accessories that can make you feel comfortable and relaxed while having a bath? If yes, then shower is the first accessory that comes to mind. You must have heard about shower mixers.

If you don’t know about what shower mixer is or don’t have enough knowledge about that, then you have reached the right place. In this article we will let you know all about shower mixers and you must read this before buying that. So without wasting your time let's start the topic.

What is Shower Mixer and how it works:

A mixer shower is a wonderful device that mixes the hot and cold water which comes from different supplies and pour the chosen temperature water from your shower head. These mixers are designed to work with high pressure and low pressure water supplies and  won't expand the low pressure factor of a water flow. These are created in a way that anyone can see them, the whole device mounted on the wall and its pipes are mostly fitted in the wall that can not be seen. So this means, mixers can be installed easily in any new building bathroom or any old bathroom where a little alteration is possible. 

In order to make a mixer work properly, you need to ensure that the device is getting the same pressure of hot and cold water. The biggest issue with a shower mixer is that it has to depend on external water supplies that are also used by other appliances of the house like toilet, kitchen tap, sink and basin etc. So if any of these appliances are using the water supply and you need the hot water at the same time then the mixer will not get the pressure and all the process will be interrupted.  This additionally requires a prepared stock of high temp water, which means a water heater should be being used routinely, even in the hot days when it is not needed. 

So before buying it you should check whether it is compatible or works with your home’s water supply system. Although nowadays most of them work with any system, few of them work only with high pressure systems and some work with low pressure systems.

Various Types of Shower Mixer

Let's check out the various types of mixer available in market:

Single Lever Shower Mixer(Wall Mixer):  

This type of mixer contains a single liver that can be moved up and down to manage the flow of water from the shower taps. You can control the temperature of water by moving the liver from side to side. These are two types: 1. Exposed shower: where one can see both the plumbing and shower valve sits mounted on the wall. 2. Concealed showers, In this type of shower the plumbing fixtures are fitted inside the wall and the wall mixer tap can be seen outside.

Sequential Shower Mixer:

In this type of mixer, you get only a rotary control. You just have to start the shower by turning the control. The more you turn the liver, the hotter the  temperature will be. So basically you can increase  and decrease the temperature by turning the liver. The drawback of this mixer is that you can’t control the water flow. 

Concentric Shower Heater:

Here you will get two rotary controls situated on top of each other. You can turn on the shower by turning the outer control and manage the water flow. The inner control is to set the temperature of water. Turning it in one way will give you hot water and in another way you will get cold. So the best part of this type of mixer is that you don’t need to set the temperature every time. You just need to set it once before turning off the shower. Next time you turn on the shower, you will get the water of your chosen temperature. Exposed and concealed models of this type are available in the market. 

Dual Control Mixers: 

You will get two controls in this type of mixer. One control is to manage the flow and the other one is to manage the temperature. You can set the temperature for once, next time you will get the same temperature of water from the shower taps. Nowadays there are some models available in the market that replace the flow controls with diverter valves and you can easily switch the flow of water between two shower heads or a bath filler. This type of mixer is usually concealed.

Bar Mixer Shower:

This type of mixer also contains two controls but both of them are on the same bar. One control is to control the temperature and another is to manage the flow of water. It also keeps the diverter valves instead of flow controls, which is used to switch the water between an overflow shower head and separate shower taps.

What are thermostatic shower mixers and why should you get that?

If you are thinking of buying a shower mixer then you should buy a thermostatic shower mixer, but you know why? Safety and comfortability are the two main reasons for that. This type of mixer continuously balances the temperature and flow of the water. You just need to set the temperature and flow of water once, next time you should not make any changes. It can automatically shut down to prevent any mishappening if it gets any kind of water supply failure. 

So firstly, you can enjoy your bath without the tension of adjusting the flow or temperature of water as it can manage on its own. Secondly, it is the best from a safety point of view. Especially when it comes with regards to your kids, since you will not unexpectedly get high temp water coming out of your shower taps if somebody turned on a cold tap somewhere else in the house.

Hope, this article will help you to choose the right shower mixer for your home. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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