Bathroom is a place for us to relax, to wash off the whole day tiredness. No matter how large or how tiny your bathroom is, to arrange the space of your bathroom rationally may bring your daily life for more joy. Today we would like to share some tips about making a tiny bathroom larger.


Tip 1. Clean up all the unnecessary stuff from your shelves or vanity   

Just imagine your daily routine in your bathroom. You get up, brush teeth, take a shower, use the toilet, and relax in the bathtub at night.

What do you need to complete the whole daily routine? If you are so confused, make a list then. So that you can sweep the things off you don’t need now or for a long time in future. Just keep those things you need most, and you will find that your daily life become more efficient. Because all the things you need you can find out easily. And the most important is, there is more space spared, and your bathroom looks not that “crowded”.


Tip 2. Use Shelves or Holders to Display Your Stuff.

It is always a good idea to thoroughly use the vertical space. For a tiny bathroom, to use overhead cabinet is not so suggested. Overhead cabinet may narrow your space no matter on vision side or on touch side. So shelves or holders are better. You can display the shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser or other things you need everyday, so that you can fetch them quickly and easily. If there is some space of your shelves or holders left, you can put one or two plants on them to make your bathroom vibrant.

In terms of shelves, there two kinds of them overall ---- horizontal shelves and corner shelves. You can use both of them to classify your daily supplies. The corner shelves fully use the every available corner of your bathroom. So that you won’t worry about that you have no space to display your stuff.

There is one thing you have to pay attention to is, since the shelves or holders are exploded, dust may cover and even water may be left over them. We suggest that you should clean your shelves or holders at least one time a week to keep them under good condition. Looking for bathroom shelves or holders? Just visit NZhomeware for more inspiration. 


Tip 3. Wisely Use your Vanity Drawers.

You may face this problem: you pull out the drawer, want to find out your lipstick or your tiny hairpin, and you went through the drawers and just couldn’t find out what you want. You could try to use a storage grid for your vanity drawer. It help you specify the tiny things ----- hairpins, lipsticks or other ornaments.  


Tip 4. Use Mirror Cabinet Rather Than Mirror Only.

Mirror is well known that can make your room look larger. But what if you use mirror not only “larger” your bathroom, but also can store your things? That’s amazing, isn’t that?

Mirror cabinet is your best choice. It stores your toothbrush, toothpaste, your shaving cream. This magical thing can make your bathroom tidy, and offer you a bit more space for storage. And those mirror cabinets are designed in a good-looking way. Choose one that match your bathroom style, that would definitely upgrade your bathroom.


Tip 5. Towel Holders and Towel Racks are Good to your Bathroom Renovation.

The exquisite towel rings are very popular. They usually installed on the wall which is near the basin. You can hang your hand towels there. If you have basin vanity, you may also attach a towel rail on the side of it. So that you can spare more space of the bathroom wall. Visit NZhomware for more towel ring or towel rail inspiration.


Tip 6. Basket is also Useful in your Bathroom.

We use basket to collect toys, but have you ever thought about using a basket in the bathroom? Yes! It is absolutely useful. You can place one or two little basket under your wall hung basket. They can collect your used towels, dressed clothes. You don’t need to hang those towels or clothes on the wall or just throw them on chair. It makes your bathroom a messy. More over, you can use the baskets to keep toilet paper. It would be more convenient if your baskets are placed near the toilet.


Tip 7. Color Tricks are also Useful.

Keep everything in the bathroom the same tone as much as you can. However, if you do want some contrast, limit it to something that is more of an object in the space, like a low cabinet or a light fixture. Then that object will stand out as a feature, while everything else will stay back and blend together as a background.

Another color trick is to paint ceiling the color of the walls. Painting everything the same color will make those unusual shapes disappear, and the space will visually expand.



To make your bathroom look bigger, all the thing you need to do is to make sure that your bathroom space is used rationally and thoroughly. Tidy up your bathroom, use storage items and try to make your bathroom more integrated.