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07 Jul What is the Best Material for a Bathtub?
Diamond 18 1132
Bathtub materials influence the appearance, weight, heat retention, and price of these expensive plumbing fixtures. And, because tubs are not easily replaced, it is critical to understand what you are..
27 May A Few Bathtubs Tips that May Inspire You
wendy 3 511
Nowadays bathtubs are no longer just a tool we use to clean our bodies. They have just become a part of the decoration of our bathroom. If you are looking for a new bathtub to make your bathroom eye-c..
14 Apr A Brief Guide About Various Shower Mixers Available in Market
wendy 3 232
Getting your bathroom renovated? Want to install the latest and stylish bathroom accessories that can make you feel comfortable and relaxed while having a bath? If yes, then shower is the first access..
08 Jan Few Steps to Remind While Choosing the Right Basin
wendy 3 455
Nowadays, the bathroom has become a place for you to relax other than the bedroom. People would like to spend more thought on bathroom decoration. A good looking, suitable basin is the key to a stylis..
28 Feb Everything you Need to Know About Tapwares
wendy 2 696
Tapware is one of the most-used items. We can easily find them in almost every main space of your house like kitchen, bathroom, laundry room. There are kinds of tapwares that may make you feel so conf..
15 Jan Super Easy Guide for installing a New Toilet Seat
wendy 2 2979
Is your toilet seat installed incorrectly and you are not comfortable sitting on it? This problem occurs when the hinge is installed too far ahead. It should be backward instead of forwards. If you ar..
13 Apr A Quick Guide: Learn All about Kitchen Sinks
1 1244
Kitchen is a space where you always need hygiene. So you also need hygienic and clean food in clean dishes. The place where you can rinse your vegetables, fruits and dishes is called a kitchen sink. A..
23 Jul Several Tips to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Larger
wendy 1 934
Bathroom is a place for us to relax, to wash off the whole day tiredness. No matter how large or how tiny your bathroom is, to arrange the space of your bathroom rationally may bring your daily life f..
12 Jul Various Types of Shower Heads Available in Market
wendy 1 844
Having a bath is the essential thing that we do in our daily routine. So everyone wants a comfortable shower everyday. Mostly we all take bath for our cleanliness and hygiene. However we all enjoy the..
13 Jun How to Choose the Right Bathtub for Your Bathroom
1 1170
Whether your bathtub's principal objective is washing, splashing, or stress reduction, selecting a new bathtub is crucial. The perfect bathtub may revitalize your bathroom's appearance, improve its ap..
02 May Few Tips that you Should Keep in Mind Before Buying Kitchen Taps
wendy 0 74
If your kitchen is getting renovated you must be very curious about the interior design of that. You can easily select the design, paint and location(of every appliance) of your kitchen but most of th..
03 Sep How to Choose a Freestanding Bathtub
wendy 0 434
Freestanding bathtub is a large piece so that you have considered more before placing order. Here are some facts that you may consider about: Size and Dimension:You need to figure out what’s your room..
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