Fortunately for us, there could not be, at this point, one kind of tap to look over for our kitchen sink. Today, we're spoilt for decisions with every one of the various varieties of style, sizes, and finishes, so choosing the right sink mixer isn't generally a simple choice. In this article, we will provide you with a few important tips that will assist you with selecting & choosing the perfect sink mixer for your kitchen.

Before Selecting Sink Mixer, firstly You should Check your sink bowl’s shape and size:

There are many sinks mixers available in the market so you should know the size and shape of your sink first. Without that, you will be unable to select the right and perfect mixer for your sink.

  1. Firstly you need to calculate the distance from the tap hole into your sink. This will make sure that the tap you pick is sufficiently long to reach into the sink and not wind up spilling water everywhere in your kitchen. 

  2. For the round sink, you need to choose a curved tap and it will enhance the shape of your sink and if your sink is square you can choose a tap that consists of angular lines on it. 

Decide your kitchen style first to help you select the ideal sink mixer:

Before buying a sink mixer, you need to determine your kitchen’s style. Create an image of the kitchen in your mind and then think about the best sink mixer. Sink mixers are the essential part of the kitchen that can increase the beauty of your kitchen and catch the eye. Because a sink mixer not only works but it enhances the beauty of your sink and kitchen. 

You can choose a sink mixer as per your kitchen’s style whether it is modern or traditional. For modern kitchen style, you should choose an aligned and clean mixer and if you have a traditional kitchen you need to select an old-designed tap.

Kitchen Sink Mixer with various Functionalities:  

Nowadays, you can get a huge range of kitchen sink mixers and every product has its specialties like functions, shape & style, etc. Functions are the most important thing that you should have in your mind while buying a sink mixer. Taps with new technology can provide a lot of comforts. Let's check out some features available at NZHomeware that you can get in a sink mixer:

Mixer with filter for Drinking Water: 

Nowadays, you can buy a kitchen sink mixer with a filter. From this mixer you will get clean, pure and filtered water that you can drink without any hesitation. You can get hot or cold water as you want.

Sink Mixer Various Features: 

We provide you a huge variety of sink mixers with many features like if you want a higher tap then you can get a mixer with a spray feature and if you want a traditional one that just makes you work easy then you can get it too. Features of the sink mixer also depend on your budget. If your budget is high then you can get a lot of features in it but if your budget is low then you can get a normal sink mixer with the traditional features. 

Check the handle twice before Buying the Sink mixer:

Everyone wants a smooth handle of a mixer that makes him feel comfortable while using it. Nobody wants to struggle while turning on or off. So you should check the handle twice whether it is smooth or hard. Otherwise, you will have to battle every time you need to turn it on or off. 


In the end, the water pressure system of your home will decide the type of sink mixer for your kitchen sink mixer. So firstly you need to know whether it is a low water pressure system or a high-pressure system. If you don’t have any knowledge about that, then a plumber can let you know about that easily. After knowing that you can choose the mixers as per the requirements. For both, low and high water pressure systems there are hundreds of designs, shapes, and sizes of sink mixer available in the market. So stay calm and keep exploring the new technology sink mixers to make your modern or traditional kitchens look perfect and beautiful. For other bathroom accessories like, shower mixer, tapware & kitchen taps etc. you can visit our website now!