Tapware is one of the most-used items. We can easily find them in almost every main space of your house like kitchen, bathroom, laundry room. There are kinds of tapwares that may make you feel so confused about it. To help make things easier, here’s the useful information of those different tapwares.

We have to figure out the types of tapware first.

Tapwares can be categorized by different impacts i.e. shape, color, place to be used, etc. So without wasting your time. Let's start:

1. Different shapes of Taps:

Taps can be differentiated based on their shape. You can get tapware in two shapes:  Goose-neck/round shape & Square shape.

  1. Goose-neck/round shape

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If you have a relatively traditional style bathroom, goose-neck/round shape tap ware works well thanks to its softer, more feminine edges. 

  1. Square shape

To consider what shape of the mixer tap should be, it just depends on the size of your basin or sink ,and the style of your house.


Contemporary and minimalist bathrooms are able to carry bolder fixtures and fittings like chunkier square shapes or more architecturally designed taps.

2. Classification of Tapware according to colors.

There are several kinds of color in the mainstream market: chrome, matte black, gold, rose gold. Those colors could make your home stylish and modern, if you choose the right one which matches the home style.

  1. Chrome Tapware

Chrome tap wares are the most classic ones. It won’t look unnatural no matter where the chrome tapwares are used.

  1. Matte Black Tapware

Matte black tapware are suitable for modern style. You will never worry about the fingerprints left on the tap ware surface. But one point you may need to consider is that the black layer may flake as it’s used day by day.


  1. Gold Color Tapware

Gold color tapware is also popular nowadays. That color is kind of classic but not so old fashioned. It looks luxurious and elegant, very eye-catching.

  1. Black and Gold 

If you think black tapware are cool enough, then the black ones embellished with rose gold would be your first and the best choice.


3. Tapware based on the place to be used for.

  1. Kitchen Mixer Taps:

Tap wares are mostly used in the kitchen. The gooseneck/round tap wares are often used in the kitchen. Some styles of kitchen taps are shorter. Those traditional sink mixers can fulfill any basic water supply, no matter how the way they look. 

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The pull-down/pull-out tap wares can help you more. Those kitchen mixer taps come with a flexible hose that allows you to manoeuvre the spray of water to best suit your needs. Especially when you need to wash your pans or pots, or need to rinse vegetables or fruits. Water will not splash all around.

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There is one important point that the pull-out mixer taps are more flexible than pull-down mixer taps since the pull-out mixer taps with a more flexible hose.

  1. Bathroom Mixer Taps:

Tap wares used in the bathroom. There are floor mixer taps, wall mixer taps. 

The floor mixer taps are supposed to be installed anywhere you want. It is highly functional and it can come with a handheld shower head that meets your need. 


The wall mixer taps come with a back-to-wall bathtub. It mainly has two types: wall mixer with diverter, wall mixer with spout. 

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Wall mixer with a diverter allows you to choose whether to fill the bathtub or take a shower.


Wall mixer with a spout is suppose to be used to fill the bathtub only. 


Using wall mixer taps can be a great option for a small bathroom. It just because bathroom taps usually occupy space, making the bathroom space look cluttered. Whereas wall mixer taps, while freeing up counter space and allowing you to place other things, will also give an illusion of more space.

Why are mixer taps becoming more and more popular nowadays?

  1. Save more space

We intend to choose mixer taps rather than the old style ones. No matter for kitchen or bathroom. The traditional way of filling a bath/shower or pouring water into a sink involves two taps. One is connected to the hot water supply and the other to the cold water supply. By a mixer tap, you can also draw from the hot and cold sources but these are combined into a single flow and come out of a single spout. It saves more space for you.

  1. Save more money

Mixer taps are generally fitted with a flow limiter as this helps prevent too much water being taken from the hot and cold pipes at once. In practical terms, you are likely to use less hot water when mixing it into a single flow, which is good for both your energy bills and the environment.

Mixer taps can work equally well on a bath or a bathroom basin. You could even mix or match, with a mixer tap on the bath and separate hot and cold taps on the basin.

  1. Save more effort

Mixer taps are perfect for a shower bath. The mixer diverter allows you to access the shower head with just the push or pull of a button but if you want to use the bath spout you can pull the button and like magic you are only using the spout.

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