Having a bath is the essential thing that we do in our daily routine. So everyone wants a comfortable shower everyday. Mostly we all take bath for our cleanliness and hygiene. However we all enjoy the bath when we get the autopilot shower, water at desired temperature and pressure etc. So are you enjoying your shower? If you are using your old shower head then most probably your answer is “no”. 

Nowadays, there are various shower heads available in the market. You can get different types of shower patterns, water pressure and automatic temperature controller shower heads. You can get a rain shower head, (that provides you shower in a rainfall effect) to a normal shower head (which does its traditional work of showering water) in the market. 

So today we are going to discuss about various types of shower heads:

  1. Simple Single-Spray Shower Head:

The most common and simple shower head is single-spray. This is a cheap and non adjustable shower head. You can make any changes in it. As its name reflects that you can get a simple one spray pattern of shower. Mostly you can see this type of shower in gyms, hotels, motels and other public places. You can get this type of shower easily on almost every bathroom accessories provider.

  1. Adjustable Shower Head:

This is also a basic and simple shower head but has some more features than Single-spray head.  You can get multiple spray patterns in it. Minimum you can get 3 patterns and some shower heads have 12 patterns of spray. Every person has his own preference so everyone in a family can change its spray pattern as per his choice. For adjustment one just needs to do the setting with a switch. It is very easy and simple to do. This type of shower head is very simple to install because no other part is needed. You can get affordable to expensive adjustable shower heads in the market . Prices depend on the spray patterns and some other factors. 

  1. Rain Shower Head:

Most of the shower heads are attached to the wall but this type of shower head is a little bit different from others. Its head is away from the wall and it is designed in a way that it pours the water in a rainfall pattern. It will give you a feel of having a bath in the rain. You will feel very relaxed, comfortable and stress free. Its look is also very elegant and makes it trendy. 

While having benefits it has some drawbacks too. The major drawback is that you can change the spray pattern of it. Secondly you will always get a low pressure shower and can’t be increased. A low pressure can’t give you a massage feeling and rinse your body properly. It is very difficult to install. Its installation is not easy and it is labour intensive so it is the most expensive shower head. 

  1. Shower Heads with Head-Pressure:

If you are fed up with your low pressure shower head then you need a high pressure shower head. With the high pressure water spray you can clean your body properly, get your body massage and feel good on your muscles. It also comes with drawbacks like due to high pressure of water it consumes a lot of water and it causes a huge bill of water supply. So if you are an environmental lover and want to save money too then this shower head is not for you. 

  1. Eco-Performance Hand Held Shower Head:

If you really want to save money on water bills and the environment too then this eco-performance shower head is a nice choice for you. From this shower head you will get a low pressure shower which can save a lot of water. While most of the shower heads use 2.5 gpm of water whereas eco performance shower head use only 1.5 gpm of water. Because it is designed to spray at a low pressure. But if you want a high pressure shower head then again this is not for you. You can get a satisfying shower and can’t rinse off your body easily. 

  1. Led Shower Heads:

Do you feel bored while having a bath? Want to lighten it up? Don’t know what to do? No issue! Just install a Led Shower head. It will definitely make your shower beautiful. You will get an amazing feel while having a bath because these lights can be changed easily like if the water is cold the light will turn blue and if the water is hot then you will get a red light. This Led shower head can increase your bathroom’s beauty. The best part is its multiple spray. You can easily change the spray pattern as per your comfort. But you need to pay more for a led shower head as compared to a simple shower head but this shower head is worth it. 

  1. RV Shower Head:

This shower head provides you with a high pressure water spray from a narrow cone. Actually, It is designed to save water and provide high pressure. You can get the same high pressure as other high pressure shower heads. You can easily rinse your body easily and massage your muscles with it. So you can use this shower head to save the water bills and environment. 

  1. Dual Shower Heads: 

If you want a shower head with various features like multiple spray patterns,2 different shower heads then a dual shower head is the best option for you. In a single shower head you can get the benefit of 2 different shower heads like if you want a normal shower then you can use it like traditional and if you want shower in a rainfall pattern then you can use it like that. It is a hand held shower head so you can use it to power your facility. The only drawback of this shower head is that it consumes space.


Nowadays, when you start improving your home and start buying products for your home then it is very difficult to choose the best product. Earlier there were only a few choices available in the market but nowadays you can get a huge variety of almost every product. Shower Head is also one of those accessories.  As you can read above there are various types of shower heads available in the market. You just have to choose one of them as per your expectation, budget, features you want and design etc. We have listed almost every type of shower heads. You can read their benefits and drawbacks. It will be easy for you to choose the right shower for your bathroom after reading this. 

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