Making the perfect toilet suite choice can be like figuring out a maze, don't you think? Making this choice will require some research, some endurance, and a dash of individual flare. Imagine yourself staring at your bathroom and thinking about remodeling.

However, you need first acquire some useful information before delving into the realm of toilet suites. So have a seat; we're going to set out on a quest to find the ideal bathroom suite in New Zealand for your area.

Understanding Your Current Set

First things first: it is important to understand your current toilet. Consider it as doing some research in your restroom. Let's first determine what kind of toilet you currently own before looking at your possibilities.

· Check the Inlet and Outlet: See where the water flows into the cistern and where the waste pipe exits the toilet pan.

· Measure the Layout: Take a tape measure to assess the distance from the floor or wall to the waste pipe outlet.

Types of Toilets Out There

· Connector (Link): With a long pipe connecting the cistern to the toilet, often hidden by a plate.

· Close Coupled: Direct attachment of the cistern to the toilet pan, generally closer to the wall.

· Wall Faced (Back to Wall): Sleek and space-efficient toilets that sit flush against the wall, keeping the plumbing discreet.

· Wall Hung and In-Wall Cistern: Innovative designs where the toilet appears suspended, with the cistern often hidden within or behind the wall.

Let’s Decode the Variety

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of each type to help you navigate through the sea of options available:

Connector Toilets

· Linking the Pieces: These toilets have a cistern and toilet connected by an extended pipe.

Close Coupled Toilets

· Straightforward Connection: The cistern attaches directly to the toilet pan, typically nearer to the wall.

Wall Faced Toilets

· Sleek Efficiency: These space-savers seamlessly blend with the wall, concealing the plumbing for a modern look.

Wall Hung and In-Wall Cistern Toilets

· Contemporary Innovation: The toilet seems to float without touching the floor, often with a concealed cistern for a minimalist vibe.

Finding Your Perfect Match

Balancing Luxury and Practicality

· Rental Properties: Opt for practical and budget-friendly options.

· Permanent Homes: Invest in durable and high-quality suites for a lasting solution.

Optimizing Space

· Short Projection Suites: Engineered to save space without compromising comfort.

· Compact Comfort: Tested to ensure a comfortable experience even with reduced projection.

Water Efficiency

· WELS Ratings: Higher stars mean better water efficiency.

· Smart Choices: Look for suites with at least 3 stars or aim for 4 stars to save on water bills.

Long-Term Comfort

· Raised-Height Designs: Perfect for reducing strain, especially for those with mobility concerns.

· Maintenance Ease: Back-to-wall designs simplify cleaning and upkeep.

Making Your Choice

The right toilet suite is the one that suits your needs and style. Reach out to experts for guidance, turning this seemingly mundane purchase into a smooth and satisfying experience! Why wait any longer? Connect with us and get your work done.