Whether your bathtub's principal objective is washing, splashing, or stress reduction, selecting a new bathtub is crucial. The perfect bathtub may revitalize your bathroom's appearance, improve its appeal and utility, and will last a lifetime if properly maintained. 


Here is some professional advice on choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom. 


Make the Budget


If your budget allows for it, it may be worthwhile to conduct initial research before committing to a price range. Do some internet research and reading to determine a reasonable price for the tub and shower you have in mind.


Now, take 10% of the cash number and write it as large as you can in black sharpie on a piece of paper. Put that paper somewhere; you will see it every day. This is the maximum amount you can spend. The extra 10% will provide some wriggle room for unforeseen expenses.


Draw the layout

It will assist in knowing the size of your area and how much space other fixtures like the bathroom and basin will take up, especially if you have already chosen any of these.

Create a preliminary layout for your lavatory, either on graph paper or with a computer tool like CAD. Nothing out of the ordinary is necessary.


Choose the Type

Now comes the exciting part: selecting your tub type. There are numerous options!

A Built-in or standard bathtub – is the most cost-effective option. These are frequently found in an alcove, tiled construction as a solo tub or a tub/shower combo.

Drop-in bathtub: This tub is constructed beneath the floor, which allows it to be considerably lower than a typical built-in. It is a magnificent addition to any bathroom or en-suite.

Freestanding bathtub - this tub stands alone without any additional support and is a beautiful alternative for a larger bathroom where you want your bath to be the focal point.

Island tub — this tub rests on a tiled 'island' and provides extra space surrounding your bath, ideal for a sitting ledge, candles, or even toys for the kids.


Of course, some of these tubs include various additional features, ranging from extra-deep dimensions that allow for easier'soaking' to a spa or jacuzzi-style features that provide on-demand therapeutic massages!

Bathtub Style


When it comes to bathtubs, there are a variety of styles to fit almost any bathroom, with each type emphasizing two crucial elements: space and material. While you may like an oval-shaped standalone bathtub, you may only have enough room around the bathtub, depending on how much space you have.


Here are some bathtub styles to fit your home:



Probably the most cost-effective option, fibreglass tubs are highly inexpensive but not as robust as other options. Those with liquid coatings provide a shiny, effortless surface but are frequently slippery.


Acrylic Bathtubs


This bathtub is more costly than fibreglass bathtubs, but they are more resilient and hold heat better.


Enamelled Cast Iron


Cast iron bathtubs maintain heat better than any other material. While not the most affordable option, they are incredibly durable. It is a superb alternative for people looking for a classic aesthetic.


Cast polymer


This manufactured material covered in enamel provides the heat retention of a cast-iron tub while being one-third the weight.


Enamelled steel


 Look and feel similar to cast iron tubs but are significantly lighter in weight. However, they do not maintain heat as effectively as cast iron and are louder.




The best tub-soaking luxury copper bathtubs conduct and hold heat flawlessly. You may be created into any shape you wish if you are looking for a unique bathroom piece!


Oval Bathtub

The oval bathtub is a departure from the more traditional clawfoot shape. These bathtubs have a uniform spherical form and shape like a water basin. These bathtubs have a more contemporary look that combines nicely with the sharper edges of the rest of your bathroom and is quite fashionable in flats or smaller homes where space is limited.




Be patient, and keep in mind that a bathtub might be a fixture in your home for more than a decade or two. It is worthwhile to take your time and make good choices. Follow the above instructions, and you will have a hot tub within your price range.