Is your toilet seat installed incorrectly and you are not comfortable sitting on it? This problem occurs when the hinge is installed too far ahead. It should be backward instead of forwards. If you are unable to move the hinge back then it means the toilet seat is not accurate for your bathroom. So before buying a toilet seat you should cross-check the measurement of your toilet.

Maybe you are not an expert in installing the bathroom or toilet accessories but there are some works that you can do on your own without calling an expert. Replacing and installing a toilet seat is not very hard and you can do it easily. You just need to follow this article step by step. Here we will provide you with proper information on how to install a toilet seat properly. 


Let's Start:

Nowadays, there is a huge variety and designs of toilet seats available in the market. The designs are endless. You can choose any of them according to the interior of your toilet and comfortability. 


How to Measure the Toilet Pan:

Before buying a seat you need to select the shape and size of your toilet seat. After having a look at a few pans you can determine which shape and size will be ideal for your toilet. Round and elongated are the most common shapes of toilet seats. You can see round toilet seats most often in the homes. For contemporary bathrooms, you can choose square shaped toilet pan. But you can find toilet pans in various shapes that are not mentioned above. 

After selecting the shape of your seat, the next step is the measurement for your toilet seat. You must take 4 estimations from your toilet:- 1. Length 2. Width 3. Height 4. Distance between fixing holes.

  1. Length: Place one end of your tape between the fixing holes and the second end on the front of the toilet.

  2. Width: Measure across the seat at the vastest point.

  3. Height: Put one end of the tape on the wall and the second on the fixing hole and measure it.

  4. Distance between fixing holes: Measure the distance between fixing holes.


Choosing a Toilet Seat:

Now you have the whole measurement and shape of the seat in your mind, the only thing you have to select is: Design of the seat; that can match the interior of your toilet.

At NZhomeware, we provide you with a wide range of toilets.


White Ceramic Toilet Suite:

This is a premium choice for your bathroom. A white ceramic latrine suite accompanies a thin delicate close seat and Wall face style with a European plan that incorporates a variable set-out connector and dish fixing bracket. It comes with a Dual flush design of 4.5/3L. Its 4-star rating exceeds New Zealand standard requirements.


Rimless Back To Wall Toilets Suite:

It comes with new Rimless technology. In Rimless, the open plan of the toilet edge empowers a creative and incredible flush: water streams as an even circular segment, and afterward in an upward direction, before flushing the whole internal surface of the bowl without sprinkling.


Intelligent Electric Smart Toilet with Automatic Flush:

Its electric automatic flush makes it different from other toilet seats. This intelligent toilet seat includes a water supply framework without a water tank, it tends to be warmed quickly. Giving a constant flow of warm and streaming water in a flash when you're cleaning, utilizing the seat acceptance warming gadget, makes the seat more agreeable. 304 tempered steel cleaning spout is intended for ladies, delicate consideration for ladies' wellbeing. Solid hydrodynamic make the net outcome shockingly better. Cause you to partake in the top-notch of life!


How to Remove an old Toilet Seat:

Cleanliness is vital. A toilet is a spot that can hold onto destructive germs which implies that safeguards ought to be taken before supplanting a toilet seat. Shower your picked cleaning specialist and afterward continue to clean your toilet. In addition to the fact that this protects you from germs as you introduce another seat, however, it likewise furnishes your new seat with a perfect surface to be introduced on. 


Most toilet seats are appended to the toilet with fittings held together by two bolts, which are typically covered up by two plastic covers at the rear of the toilet seat. To uncover this region, utilize your level head screwdriver to eliminate these defensive covers. 


Whenever you have removed the covers you will see the bolts that are holding your old seat set up. The fasteners are typically gotten by two wingnuts. Utilize your pincers to keep the nuts set up and unscrew the fasteners with your screwdriver.

Installing a new Toilet Seat:

While installing a new toilet seat you should always follow the guidelines provided by toilet seat manufacturers. But there are some essential steps you need to follow while installing a seat. Place the seat over the toilet and arrange the fittings to the rear of the toilet seat. Ensure the seat is middle to the bowl.


That's it, guys!! Thank you for reading this article. For more bathroom accessories related advice, visit our website. 

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!