Do you feel like your home needs more spaciousness? Take your time moving or undertaking a major remodel. You must buy a mirror in NZ and practice smart installation of the same because well-placed mirrors can work magic to visually expand any smaller space by creating depth and the illusion of expanded square footage. Implementing smart wall mirror tips transforms cramped interiors into seemingly larger, brighter living areas practically overnight. 


Discussed below are the best tricks to use a wall mirror to create a grand illusion of space:

· Accentuate Tall Ceilings:

Does your sitting room or lobby boast lofty vertical space? For a palace-like atmosphere, Use gorgeous floor mirrors to play up grand ceilings. Lean elongated mirrors vertically against walls, or choose stunning freestanding options. Position across from windows so incoming sunlight bounces gleefully around the room. The reflective qualities of mirrors facing floor-to-ceiling replicate architectural details or pretty window treatments for amplified grandeur.


· Mirror Facing Floor Space:

Bare wall space topping a fireplace or section of flooring presents ideal real estate for horizontally oriented rectangular mirrors. When you buy a mirror in NZ, pick ones with bevelled edges or decorative frames to enhance visual weight and prominence. Hang more expansive mirrors a comfortable distance above furnishings to repeat lovely areas; the repeating reflection delivers an automatic boost of doubled beauty!


· Expand Entryways:

Use rectangular or oval wall mirrors in foyers and entry halls to simulate a seamless passage beyond. Hang mirrors directly across from front doors to infinitely reflect whatever greets visitors. Coat hooks or console tables below mirror placements keep items handy but out of sight. Bonus tip: Add slim sconces or recessed lighting overhead to illuminate front hall mirrors evenly for maximum reflective glow. The messenger awaits!


· Open up Hallways:

Is a cramped hallway making interior access tricky? Introduce two identical mirrors on opposing walls. Hang each mirror precisely facing the other to create an instantly widened walkway. The repeating reflection stretches the corridor, guiding visitors smoothly to connecting rooms. Introduce twin sconces and lush green plants between the mirrors for added space feeling.


· Multi-panel Magic:

Creative arrangements using identically-framed mirrors configured in geometric shapes expand rooms exponentially. Try square nine-panelled layouts over sofas or beds, alternating rows of vertical rectangles along a narrow passage, or hexagonal mirror groupings inside powder rooms. The math works more mirrors equal endless replication!


· Unify Separate Zones:

For open-concept living combining lounging, cooking and dining zones, use identical mirrors in each area to meld divisions seamlessly. Mount matching framed mirrors consistently in the same spot against the rear walls; symmetrical placement unitarily connects the spaces visually. The mirroring effect welcomes natural light to mingle freely, bypassing boundaries to deliver one continuous panoramic space.


· Lead the Eye Outward:

Incorporating wall mirrors alongside exterior-facing windows and glass doors capitalizes on available outdoor views by exaggerating the sense of additional space outside. The reflective surface acts like an open window, copying sweeping vistas, gardens and skylines while pulling them into the interior landscape. Generously sized mirrors also bounce incoming sunlight deeper into dim rooms to chase away shadows for bright, uplifting spaces.



By thoughtfully implementing mirrors using these professional tricks of the trade, suddenly cramped, dark rooms transform into bright, expansive living spaces. Mirrors' reflective qualities creatively use existing architecture, finishes, furnishings and lighting to double visual dimensions. Finally, intricate mirror arrangements please visitors with an intriguing, funhouse effect. So, do not hesitate to buy a mirror in NZ and let those work their magic to fulfil dreams of expansive living at home!